Article I — Name:

The name of the organization shall be Tierra Verde Business Partnership

Article II — Mission Statement and Vision:

  1. Mission: To support and promote existing and new businesses on Tierra Verde, and businesses off Tierra Verde owned or managed by Tierra Verde residents.
  2. Vision: Tierra Verde is an island known for its business appreciation and community spirit where people work and live together for a mutually positive result both economically and socially.

Article III — Membership:

  1. The TVBP membership requirements, membership benefits, and categories of membership are:
    1. Full Membership Requirements: Tierra Verde based businesses and Tierra Verde residents who own or manage businesses off Tierra Verde are eligible for Full Membership status upon receipt of payment in full of the annual membership dues.
    2. Benefits of Full Membership: Full Members who have made payment in full of the annual membership dues are eligible for the following Full Member benefits:
      1. Full voting rights for matters brought before the General Membership that require a vote of the membership;
      2. Eligible to have a free business listing in the annual Tierra Verde Membership Directory and Resource Guide;
      3. A free business listing on the TVBP website;
      4. A free business listing in TVBP sponsored inserts placed in local publications periodically;
      5. Additionally, Full Members will be provided an opportunity to place a paid advertisement in the annual Tierra Verde Membership Directory and Resource Guide.
    3. Volunteer Membership: Any person is welcome to participate in the TVBP at no cost as a Volunteer. Volunteers must be active participants of one or more of the TVBP Event Committees. Volunteers will not be eligible for any listings in the annual directory or website, and will not have voting rights.
  2. In keeping with the best interest of the TVBP and its mission statement, no more than 30% of the Board may be Tierra Verde residents who own or manage a business off the island of Tierra Verde and no more than 10% of the Board may be Volunteer Members. All Board members have the right to vote at board meetings.
  3. The Board shall create and approve a fiscal year Budget prior to September 1 each year. As part of the annual Budget process, the annual membership dues will be established and communicated to the General Membership no later than September General Membership meeting each year.
  4. Dues are to be paid at the start of membership and are good for the fiscal year (October-September). Dues paid after June 1st are applicable for the following fiscal year.
  5. Should a Full Member move from Tierra Verde, that member may only retain membership by paying dues without interruption

Article IV — Meetings:

  1. The organization shall operate on a fiscal year basis from October through September.
  2. Monthly general meetings or networking events will be held on the first Wednesday of every month at a time and place as scheduled by the Board of Officers. The Board is responsible for scheduling the time and a venue for the monthly general meetings or networking events that has sufficient capacity and amenities to accommodate the anticipated attendance of members, guests, and invited speakers to the meeting or event. Every attempt will be made to schedule meetings or networking events at a location based in Tierra Verde or at a location of a Full Member who has volunteered to host the monthly general meeting or networking event, however the all meeting venues must be approved by the Board.
  3. Board meetings shall be scheduled by the Board as frequently as necessary to address all matters which require a decision of the Board. A simple majority of the Officers of the Organization must be in attendance for a Board meeting to occur.
  4. In the event the Board needs to make a decision before a scheduled meeting can occur, the Board can use email as an alternative to vote on the item that requires a Board decision. If email is used to render a Board decision, a simple majority vote of the Board is required for approval.

Article V — Officers and Support Leaders:

  1. Officers of the Organization shall consist of the President, Vice President, Membership Director, 2 Secretaries, 2 Treasurers, Communication Director, and Media Director.
  2. Support Leaders of the organization may include the Immediate Past President, the Immediate Past Vice-president, Immediate Past Treasurer, the Social Media Coordinator, and Event Chairperson(s). As the needs of the organization change, the Board may add or eliminate Support Leader positions with a simple majority vote of Board members in attendance at the Board meeting the need for change is announced.

Article VI — Nomination and Election of Officers:

  1. All nominations for Officers of the Organization should be submitted to any Officer during the months of July and August.
  2. All nominees will be presented at the September general membership meeting and will be elected by majority vote of attending Full members.
  3. The Elected Officers shall serve for the ensuing fiscal year, and must be able to attend at least six (6) Board meetings.
  4. Vacancies occurring during a term shall be filled by appointment of the President and confirmed by a simple majority vote of Board members in attendance at the Board meeting the appointment is announced. If the vacancy is that of the President, the office shall be assumed by the Vice President.

Article VII — Revisions and Updates to By-laws:

  1. Periodically, the Board shall review the Organization’s By-laws and revise and update to ensure the By-laws remain relevant and provide an appropriate framework for decision making and accurate representation of Member benefits.
  2. Revisions and updates to the Organization’s By-laws shall require a 2/3rds majority vote of the Officers of the Organization in attendance at the Board meeting in which the revisions and updates are scheduled as an agenda item for review and approval.

Updated November 28, 2016