Duties of Elected Officers

Article I — President:

  1. The President shall preside at all Board meetings and at all general membership meetings.
  2. President is authorized to sign checks and to make banking deposits.

Article II — Vice President:

  1. The Vice President, in the absence of the President, shall preside and perform duties as requested by the President.
  2. The Vice-President shall email the meeting agenda to the TVBP email contact list prior to all general membership meetings, and shall email the minutes from the general membership meeting after approval from the Board of Officers.

Article III — Event Coordinators:

  1. The Event Coordinators shall work together to organize all community planned events and shall either coordinate all events or assist volunteer event leaders.
  2. The Event Coordinators shall support community event by communicating in all available venues such as local newspapers and websites and community email groups as well as communicate with the website administrator.

Article IV — Membership Director:

  1. The Membership Director shall maintain a database of members by category as stated in the By Laws and shall keep track of the date of memberships.
  2. The Membership Director shall send all new paid member information to the website administrator.
  3. The Membership Director shall publish an annual directory to have mailed to the entire 33715 zip code.

Article V — Secretaries:

  1. The Secretaries shall keep minutes of all general membership meetings and shall send all minutes to the Board of Officers for review within 10 days of the general membership meetings.
  2. The Secretaries shall keep track of attendance at the general monthly meetings.
  3. The Secretaries shall maintain minutes of all Board Meetings of the Officers of the Organization.

Article VI — Treasurers:

  1. The Treasurers shall be the custodians of the TVBP funds, which includes paying all bills, depositing all monies received, and keeping all signatures on file at the bank.
  2. The Treasurers shall maintain an appropriate accounting system of all funds and transactions and that information will be posted on the TVBP’s website to be available to TVBP members, and at the request of the President or other Board member, to be made available at Board or general membership meetings at which financial data is to be specifically discussed.
  3. The Treasurers shall work with the Membership Directors in collecting membership dues and help with keeping track of submitted dues.

Article VII — Communications Director:

  1. The Communication Director shall email all meeting announcements and event announcements to the TVBP contact list as appropriate.
  2. The Communication Director shall work with the Community Event Support Leaders to help communicate the events in all appropriate venues such as local newspapers and community email groups.
  3. The Communication Director shall assist the Membership Director to ensure that all paid TVBP members are accurately logged as such in the Gmail files on a timely basis.
  4. The Communication Director shall assist the Membership Director by emailing information about membership renewal and directory advertising sales to the TVBP contact list and to the Tierra Verde Community.

Article VIII — Media Director:

  1. The Media Director will keep the website and Facebook page up to date with member lists, community events, By-Laws and Officer duties, and General Meeting minutes.
  2. The Media Director will work with the Social Media Support Leader to develop and implement the monthly E-blast.

Article IX — Support Roles:

  1. Support Roles shall serve as advisors to the Board, providing context on historic Board decisions and Board operating practices, ensuring a smooth transition of the responsibilities of the role to new Board members.

Article X — Social Media Director:

  1. The Social Media Director shall work with the Media Officer to develop the monthly E-blast and to update the Facebook page.


Updated November 28, 2016